Heart of Peace

It is the new year, and for many of us, the time of year when we make resolutions to recommit to our health. Society has become increasingly heart health conscious. We know what foods are heart healthy and which ones are potentially harmful. We are aware that stress that can damage the heart. We understand the value of physical exercise and rest. Yet, with all of the awareness of heart disease, many people still choose to ignore the simple things they could do to improve their health. 


Scripture also says a lot about the condition of our heart. Of course, scripture is addressing the spiritual condition of our hearts. Are our hearts aligned with God, or the world? Are our hearts at peace or full of anger? Are our hearts full of joy and love, or stress and bitterness?


What is the condition of your heart? Are there things you could do to improve your spiritual heart health? This January, join us as we dig into scripture to discern how we might cultivate a heart of peace, recognize a heart at war, embrace a heart of understanding, and pursue a heart of mercy. In January, we will begin our new year by intentionally aligning our hearts with God.


Hope, love, joy, and peace are not just Advent words; they are blessings that are eternally ours through the grace of Jesus Christ. I pray for you a 2019 filled with blessings.


Grace upon Grace,

Pastor Wendy