jan-feb 2021 sermon series:

love actually


On Christmas Eve, we celebrated God taking on flesh in the form of the Christ Child to be-with-us.

The Word became flesh.

Love became flesh. 


And now that we are past the start of the new year, our culture is already preparing for a new holiday centered around love. Stores like Target and Walmart have already packed away their Christmas items, and brought out all the pink and red hearts one could imagine. As our culture prepares for the next holiday centered around love, I wonder how much do we really practice loving each other? Is this the same love that took on flesh just mere days ago?


To love and be loved is a vulnerable act and yet the Bible is full of examples on what love is and what love isn’t. In the time between Epiphany and the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday, we will reflect on the holy love God calls us to embody in community and how it often differs from the love our culture romanticizes throughout this season leading up to Valentine’s Day. How can we become better at loving each other? Why is love so risky? How do we find God loving the world in surprising ways? How does love challenge us to change and become uncomfortable? Where does God implore us to love everyone we meet?  

Let’s take a look at scripture to find out. 


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